• We let you know the amount of down payment that we are looking for on each property
  • Any amount that you are able to add to the down payment WE WILL MATCH
  • We will match the down payment by taking that amount off the total purchase price if you are financing

We want everyone to own their dream land to either build a home, park their RV, go camping or just to get away from it all (or social distancing).

Therefore, we want to remove as many obstacles as possible from you getting your Tennessee dream land.

Let us introduce you to our Down Payment Assistance Program

Here’s how it works

We will let you know what the minimum down payment is for each property. For every dollar (up to $2,000) that you are able to put down over that minimum we will match it and that amount off the total price if you are financing from us.

Here’s an example scenario:

  • Purchase price: $10,000
  • Minimum down payment: $500
  • You are able to put down: $1,500 (or $1,000 over what the minimum is)
  • New purchase price: $9,000